School Procedures

School is in session from 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Please remember to call Somerset if your child will miss school. Use our 24-hour absence hotline, 651-403-8207. Knowing where your child is each and every day is our first concern. We will call all families when we do not receive a call from you.

Families requesting excused absences for their children (i.e. family vacations) will need to fill out this google form to request approval for the absence.  This form does not need to be filled out for religious holidays, family emergencies, medical appointments, student illness, school sponsored activities, or required court appointments. Absence Request Form

Students are given a Census Form at the start of school. It will contain the information we have on file for each family. Parents/guardians should make any updates and return the form to their child's teacher. This is important information for teachers and administrators.

Effective parent-school communication is an important component in helping children be successful in school. Please keep your home address, phone number(s) and email address up-to-date with the main office and Infinite Campus Portal. Contact the Somerset secretary Jacki Smith at 651-403-8200 or with updates.

Get to know our health office professional Mrs. Pesek - a wonderful resource!

We are so fortunate to have a health office that is staffed throughout the school day. Laura Pesek can help you with any health questions and needs. Visit to learn more about medication, when to keep a child home from school and more.

The ability to use technology tools and conduct electronic information research skills are now fundamental to preparation of citizens and future employees. Access to the school district technology system and to the Internet enables students and employees to explore thousands of libraries, databases, bulletin boards, and other resources while exchanging messages with people around the world. The school district expects that faculty will blend thoughtful use of the school district technology system and the Internet throughout the curriculum and will provide guidance and instruction to students in their use. 

The Internet and Electronic Resources Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (524) defines acceptable student and employee use of the school district technology system, provides guidelines for use of personal devices within the district and sets forth policies establishing acceptable and safe use of the Internet and web 2.0 tools, including electronic communications. The policy covers uses of the school district technology system and Internet resources or accounts on or off district property and/or personal electronic resources while at work or on district property and/or the district system. 

At the start of each year, all parents/guardians of students who are new to Somerset or in kindergarten must sign an Internet and Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Agreement. Parents/guardians with questions about the Acceptable Use Agreement should schedule a meeting with the school principal to discuss alternative learning options.

Visit (Policy 524) for complete information on Internet and Electronic Resources Acceptable Use.

Somerset is a great place to have lunch and we love it when families join us! Please remember to call our office before 9 a.m. on the morning of your lunch date so that our cooks have enough food prepared.

For school lunch prices, menus, free or reduced meal information, lunch accounts and more visit,

Mrs. Atkins, our head cook, is available at the back-to-school "Meet and Greet" so that parents and guardians can deposit money in their student's account for the first weeks of school.

Finally, please don't send pop with your child's lunch. We're committed to your child's health. Thanks for your help!

We don't want to have to tell parents that their child isn't ready for school, so please make sure we have the required immunizations and records on file in the health office before the first day of school. Call 403-8202 with questions.

Somerset has a small parking lot that can become congested before and after school. Please read and follow the guidelines below to ensure the safety of our students.

  • An area next to the front curb has been designated for buses only. When buses are present, parents may not park along the curb. Instead you must park in the lot and walk children to the sidewalk near the main entrance doors. At the end of the day if buses are present, students must be met by a parent/guardian and walked across the parking lot. We understand that this is a minor inconvenience, but it is worth it for the welfare of our children. 
  • Buses always have the right of way in the parking lot.
  • Our school day begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. We begin learning activities almost immediately. Please make sure that children are on time for school.
  • Parents transporting children should arrive between 7:30 and 7:40 a.m. Adult supervision cannot be provided before this time, since staff members are preparing for students.
  • Students should immediately enter the building when they arrive in the morning. Kindergarten students will enter the "kindergarten door" near their classrooms.
  • Staff members take turns outside in the morning and afternoon so students are well supervised.
  • Please drive very slowly in the parking lot.

Students who live more than .75 miles from Somerset are eligible to receive transportation to and from school. For a complete overview of the district's transportation policies, please visit or call 651-403-8320.

Start-of-School Reminders: 

  • If a student has been registered for transportation, they will receive a bus card in the mail in late August. These cards will identify the time a children will be picked up from the bus stop and the bus they will ride. If a family has not received a transportation card, they can call Transportation at 651-403-8320. 
  • During the first few weeks of school, buses will most likely be late in picking up and dropping off child(ren) because of new routes. 
  • Kindergarten through grade 2 students should pin their bus card on their backpack for the first few weeks of school to help the driver and child.  
  • Fourth grade students will be bus helpers for all kindergarten students.  
  • Parents can help their child have a safe ride by reminding their child(ren) about staying seated at all times, using inside voices and keeping their hands to themselves.  
  • Finally, when neighborhood parents can take turns waiting with the students at the bus stop it really helps our students and it's a great way to get to know other Somerset families!
Safety is a top priority for our school. At Somerset, we welcome families and volunteers. All visitors (parents, guardians, short-term substitute teachers, volunteers, contractors, vendors, etc.) coming to school at any time must enter through the main office doors during school hours. All other entrances to the building are locked and are not entrances for visitors.

Anyone wishing to visit the classrooms, school library, or volunteer during the school day must come to the main office to sign in. Using our iPad sign in device in the main office, visitors will have their picture taken and wear a visitor badge during school hours. Visitors will be asked to come back to the office to sign out and leave through the main office doors. All regular volunteers must follow this process throughout the school year.