School Initiatives

The annual Somerset Read-a-thon ensures students start the school year with extra incentives for reading at home. It also raises much-needed funds for our school and our children. The money raised through the Read-a-Thon is used by the PTA to pay for things like classroom SmartBoards, Fusion Lab classes, field trip transportation, library books, classroom needs and more. Funds raised by our Read-a-thon will benefit the entire Somerset community!

The SPIFF (special pals in fun friendships) program connects students with senior citizens who learn from each other and develop important intergenerational friendships. Students meet with their SPIFF pal throughout the year for various activities and participate in an end-of-the-year Friendship Fair together.

LiveGreen is the district wide sustainability program that promotes energy saving and recycling initiatives. Each school throughout the district has a LiveGreen team. Learn more about LiveGreen.

To actively engage students, staff and families in physical activity and healthy eating, the District has implemented a Wellness program. Representatives from throughout the district work together on the Wellness Committee to promote nutrition and exercise initiatives. Learn more about Wellness in School District 197.